A little one to raise

Been a short while since I’ve posted so I figured I’d write about something important to me; good ol’ parenting 🙂

I myself have a pre-teen on my hands. A funny, loving, energetic, sometimes smart ass (lol) 12 year old young man. Throughout my parenting years there have been quite a few things I’ve learned about being a mom. There is obviously no written manual on raising a kid so you learn as you go. And there is only so much the school system can teach them, so here we go!

You have to let your kids figure themselves out and discover what they like such as favorite colors, music, food, etc. Sometimes as parents we force the things we like on them, forgetting that they do have their own personalities, likes and dislikes. Again, I can only speak for myself, and this is all based on my own experience. I always allow my kid to try different types of food (obviously nothing harmful). At a young age he discovered his love for seafood. This kid could eat shrimp, fish and octopus all day if he could lol. He also loves sour and spicy things. If you’re kid tries something you’re offering and doesn’t like it or refuses a second try, give up. Children do have taste buds just like us. So long story short, let them discover their own taste.

On a more serious note, teach your kids about banking, credit, health insurance, and other necessary things we need in our daily lives. You should’ve seen my sons face when he found out you get money taken out of your hard earned paycheck, called taxes. I’ve also stressed the importance of having and building credit. He is starting to understand the concept behind it. Now, the reason I say it’s important to teach your kids about health insurance is because it can be very confusing. I work for a surgeon and see many people from all age groups completely clueless about deductibles, what they’re covered, and terminology. They end up paying more than they should by choosing the wrong plans. No one ever explains these things to you. So do yourself a favor and educate yourself, your kids and even friends and family. You want to make sure your kid knows why health insurance is a necessity.

I like communicating with my kid like a person, not like a cute little puppy. Yeah, of course I still baby him, because hey, he will forever be my baby. But I let him know it’s ok to come to me with any questions and concerns that may arise. I also tell him the harsh truth that you’re friends now, may not be your friends later on down the road. So you must always be your own leader, and don’t follow the “trends”.

Remember, memorable lessons are more valuable than store bought items.

Love your children my friends. Squeeze them tight every night; and kiss them every morning.

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