See it differently

Occasionally, people come into our lives and it’s not to disturb or disrupt our peace. It’s more like an awakening into our own lives. They teach us things about ourselves we were completely unaware of and can make us feel emotions we were blind to. Sometimes they stay in our lives, and sometimes they leave.

I strongly believe that there is a purpose or reason for everyone that we come in contact with in our journey of life. Whether the circumstances were ugly or mesmerizing, we learn from it all. At times, it can be the most bitter sweet experience you’ve ever had, informing you of who you are, and what you enjoy. Very much like a magnet, we attract and attach ourselves to other beings absorbing bits and pieces of them and their energies, all while also becoming more enlightened of ourselves. You may have a more understanding about how you react in different situations, and how to accept things in the future.

Say a person wants nothing to do with you, or you’re in a relationship and they just decide they want to move on with no explanation. Let them go. Don’t blame yourself, it will only make you feel as if you need to fix it or chase them.┬áSometimes people just want you to let them go. Once you accept their absence you are already progressing in your life. Now is the time to do some soul searching and dig deep within yourself. You should never allow yourself to feel as if you’re forcing relationships. Aquire the ability to just go with the flow, and just let things be. Remember, what’s meant to be in your life will stay. Even if they’re not physically there, the lessons and memories will always stay imbedded in you. Let us not forget, sometimes they teach us what not to accept or allow and what to avoid in future relationships.

Step beside yourself for a moment and think about what you may have learned about yourself from someone else. Try your best to keep negative emotions away while doing it. See, endings aren’t always a waste.

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