The Intangible

What do we know about life other than what we were told to know?
Many would refer to me as crazy because I personally believe this is a simulation. How is it that our minds are so powerful? Think about this for a second…

We hear our own voices in our heads as we read, or think. Is it really our voice or a higher being/big brain? Growing up I always felt closer to the universe and to the unknown. Maybe this is why we catch ourselves talking to ourselves at times, looking for the answer to our questions. Is it really us seeking the truth? Who fucking knows lol

We are able to speak things into existence and manifest intentions. It’s an amazing thing. Have you ever really wanted something to happen? I’ve spoken things into existence and incorporated the positivity along with it and manifested it. Once you are awakened and become enlightened you no longer allow yourself to feel the negative energy that tries to consume you. This energy can come from anywhere. Which is why self awareness and self healing is and should always be a top priority. A healthy mind comes from our thoughts. Keeping positive thoughts make it harder to allow negative ones to take over. Notice how our mind can alter our moods.

What happens to our brains when we are sleeping? According to some scientists when we sleep our body cells heal and re-energize, our brain clears some waste (unnecessary information), and sleep also helps with our memory and learning. This all sounds believable and makes sense, however I feel there is more to this sleeping. How are we able to project what “reality” is whilst being in a state of basic paralysis? It is mind boggling. Now you will probably say to yourself “Nancy you are f*ing nuts” but I think dreaming is just another state of living. Maybe it is a different dimension that we are also partaking in. How do we really know if dreaming isn’t reality, and reality isn’t really dreaming? Again, it goes back to my assumption of this all being a simulation. Please look into lucid dreaming. I’ll be posting about that soon 🙂

How are we able to feel others pain and sorrow? This is now something more in depth because you are a natural empath. We are all born with empathy, but as we grow and we are taught things, we begin to perceive things differently. This is why kids and animals are pure. Their minds haven’t been manipulated or altered yet. It isn’t until we are shown or experiencing such negative things that we slowly begin to lose empathy or kindness towards others. It’s a matter of reversing what has been told to us, or learnt. You can even sense peoples moods whether you know them or not, feel migraines in a crowded area, all because you are an empath. Try to rewire your brain. You’ll sense a greater love and passion for life. It’ll be harder for things to get under your skin, and easier for you to understand others.

I’ll leave you with this mind fuck theory I read once that completely changed the way I view life……
“What if the light at the end of tunnel you see when you’re dying.. Is the light you see as you’re opening your eyes for the first time being born.”

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